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Is everything you do vegan?

Yes! And it always will be.

Do you have a shop front?

For now, everything is made to order, collection is from my atelier by appointment.

Do you sell B2B?


If you are interested in some vegan goodies to sell at your restaurant/café/community space, send me an email on hello@chezmalachy and I will arrange a tasting box with you.

I make layer cakes, brownies, blondies, cookies, 'cheeze'cakes, dessert jars & entremets.

Where do I collect?

The pickup point is at Place Fernand Cocq, Ixelles 1050. Full address is given when the order is confirmed.

Do you deliver?

Delivery is available within Brussels municipalities, on the weekend only. A fee is charged based from BXL 1000, 5€ - 10€ depending on distance.

How do I transport my cake?

When collecting your order, I advise you come by car, turn on the AC full blast. Push the passenger seat back and put the cake box on the ground and drive carefully.

We do not recommend you come by public transport, bike, scooter or moped. Only come by foot if you have a short distance to go, and the weather is in your favour (not raining/snowing/windy or sun blazing above 20°c).

I have a ludicrous cake idea, will you make it?

Try me! If you want to say something bold, cake is a great way to say it. I love to get creative with your ideas and make something completely original.

What is the price?

The price depends on the size, style and decoration. the full details are required in order to make a quote.

The starting price for the smallest cake we make (8 - 12 portions), in classic style is 63€. Custom cakes start from 100€.

How do I pay?

An invoice is sent once the order is confirmed.

It is required to pay in advance to secure your date, an unpaid request will not be put in the calendar, and therefore will not be fulfilled.

Do you make wedding cakes?

Yes ❤
You can find more info on the weddings tab.

Do you make small desserts like brownies, cookies etc?

Yes! Every once in a while, Malachy releases a pre-order Treat Box with 4 x different individual cakes/pastries. You can subscribe to the newsletter to hear about the next one.

You can also find Malachy's cakes at Caffelatte Espressobar. and Buddy Buddy.

Where can I find your treats?

Currently, you can find Malachy's brownies, lemon drizzle loaf & carrot cake at Caffelatte Espressobar.

He also stocks Buddy Buddy with hazelnut brownies and funfetti cake (pride special🌈)

His next event is Brussels Makers Market on Sunday 9th of June.

Then as always at the Vegan Street Festival Saturday 14th September at Marché Aux Poissons!

I need a cake for today, can you make one?

No, sorry ):

Everything is made fresh per order, so unfortunately it is not possible to order for the same day. Please give as much notice as you can, celebration cake slots are normally taken 1 - 2 weeks ahead, weekends are especially busy.

If Malachy has the time, he will always try to squeeze you in but there is an express fee. for less than a week's notice.

How far in advance do I have to order?

At least a week's notice is required to be fit into the schedule.

Celebration cake slots are normally taken 1 - 2 weeks ahead, weekends are especially busy. If Malachy has the time, he will always try to squeeze you in but there is an express fee. for less than a week's notice.

Wedding cakes or other tiered cakes needs minimum 6 weeks notice.

How long does the cake last?

Our cakes stay fresh for up to 4 days in the fridge.
For optimal enjoyment, allow your cake to come to room temperature (20 minutes - 1 hour) before eating - but avoid direct sunlight.
Store any leftovers in an airtight container the fridge.

Do you make sugar free cakes?

Unfortunately not.

My goal is to make cakes that don’t “taste vegan”. So if it's also sugar free, it won’t be the best possible result, as sugar plays a lot of roles in baking, not just as a sweetener. It’s easy for a vegan-cynic to attribute the unique texture/taste to the fact it's vegan as opposed to sugar-free, and that is not the product I want to offer.

I also believe that cake is something that should be enjoyed without guilt (especially vegan cake!), so an exception should be made as part of your health journey to have something indulgent for a celebration.

Do you make allergy-friendly cakes?

Yes (with a disclaimer).

Naturally as everything is vegan, there is no use of eggs, dairy, honey, gelatin, or anything of animal origin.

My kitchen is also peanut-free!

Gluten-free and nut-free cakes are indeed possible.
However you should know that there is always a risk of cross contamination, as I do work with gluten, soya, nuts, along with other less common allergens. The greatest care will be taken to prevent this but ultimately the decision is up to you what you feel comfortable with.

I submitted an order, when can I expect to hear back from you?

I try to respond within 48 hours.

Bear in mind, I am a one-man show making everything fresh from scratch. My time is occupied by baking, cleaning, decorating, mise en place, planning, delivering, social media management, more cleaning etc. so replying to emails is not always possible in the time frame I would like.

I will get around to your request, don’t worry - if you clicked submit, I got it!

What is your cancellation and refund policy?

We get it, things happen! If you need to cancel or alter your order, please let us know as soon as possible.

100% of the order is refunded if you can notify Malachy at least a week before the pick-up/delivery date (for regular celebration cakes). 50% is refunded if there is less than a week's warning, as we incur costs for preparations.

For tiered cakes, one month's notice is required for a 100% refund, less than a month is 50%, and at one week's warning there is no refund possible.

Any changes can only be made within the limits of Malachy's availability and supplies.

Have more questions?

Shoot me an email ! hello@chezmalachy.com